Picking the Right UTV Accessories

John Deere 500 S4 Full CabThere’s nothing more fun that hitting the trail in your UTV. Whether you use a UTV to hunt, for work, or simply for the fun of the ride, driving a UTV is mostly an enjoyable experience (as long as the weather provides). But you can make your UTV experience even more enjoyable by equipping your UTV with the right accessories for your most common uses. Finding the perfect accessory can take your UTV rides to the next level and provide with an increased level of safety and comfort.

Fun Rides
If your primary UTV use centers simply on driving trails in your UTV, your accessory needs are probably limited. This is especially true if you stick to fair weather and avoid rain, sleet, snow, and other nasty conditions. However, it’s still a good idea to invest in a UTV windshield to keep mud, dirt, and other debris out of your face while driving. You’ll still have the open-air fun of a UTV, but with slightly better visibility.

Work Rides
If you rely on your UTV for work, you probably don’t have much choice about when you use it. Work needs to get done even in the harshest of conditions, and the right UTV accessories can ensure that you remain dry and comfortable even when nature is at its worst. Consider a full UTV cab enclosure to protect you from these elements, combined with a UTV heater for those extra chilly days.

Family Rides
Bringing your family out for a UTV ride is a fun way to take advantage of the outdoors. However, UTVs aren’t designed with child riders in mind, and their open-air configuration could pose a safety risk. Adding a set of UTV doors will help keep your kids where they’re supposed to be and make your rides much safer.

UTVs are a blast to own. And the right UTV accessories give you more flexibility in how you use your UTV as well as providing a safer and more enjoyable ride.

For more information about UTV accessories please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com or contact us at 800.269.4380800.269.4380.

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Keep Warm with a Full Cab Enclosure

Honda Big Red Full Cab EnclosureWhen the weather is nice and the sun is shining, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than by cruising around in your UTV. UTVs make it easy to negotiate tough terrain whether for work, play, or any other purpose you can imagine, and their open-air design allows you to fully enjoy the spring air or the summer heat while you’re out on your adventures.
However, weather can’t always be perfect. And if you’re the type of person who relies on a UTV for work, you likely don’t have the option of dodging bad weather.
A full UTV cab enclosure is the perfect accessory for those days where the weather doesn’t want to cooperate with your plans. Here’s why:

Keep Warm
UTV cab enclosures block the harsh winds of fall and winter and help to keep you just a bit warmer than you would be if you were fully exposed to the elements. A heater is a nice addition to an enclosure, but even the basic cab enclosure will make for a dramatic rise in comfort on days when the weather dips below the “warm” threshold.

Stay Dry
Nothing is worse than being cold and wet. And if you get wet, even when the weather is fairly nice, you’re going to end up cold sooner rather than later. A cab enclosure protects you from pouring rain and driving snow, making it easier to see your surroundings in addition to keeping you and your passengers dry.

For more information about UTV Cab Enclosures and accessories please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com or contact us at 800.269.4380800.269.4380.

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Now Featuring Kubota RTVx900 Accessories!

KU-RTVx900-FC04- The Kubota RTVx900 general purpose UTV is a brand new machine from Kubota designed to help you with both work and play. It features a 21.6 horsepower Kubota diesel engine, a variable transmission, an in-line 2-speed shifter, and a limited-slip front differential. Simply put, this latest innovation from Kubota sits comfortably at the cutting edge of UTV design.

This UTV, like most others, features an open-air design with a roll cage which is perfect for nice weather, but not so helpful when the wind catches a chill or the rain pours down. Equipping your vehicle with a Kubota RTV cab enclosure is one of the best ways to enhance its design and add more flexibility to the machine.

At UTV Cab Enclosures, we’re proud to be the first and only online dealer offering enclosures and windshields for the new RTVx900. Our accessories are high-quality and designed specifically for this newest entry in the Kubota RTV line-up.

UTV windshields provide you with protection from wind, bugs, and water not to mention debris kicked up by other UTVs or trail users. Windshields help keep you safe and ensure you always have clear vision of the road ahead. Kubota RTV accessories like our UTV cab enclosure will serve you well during tough conditions, helping to keep you warm and dry on days when the weather is less than cooperative with the things you need to get done.

The Kubota RTVx900 is a powerful new machine, and our Kubota RTV accessories provide deeper utility and flexibility by allowing you to expand your work into a wider variety of weather conditions.

For more information about our Kubota RTV Accessories please visit http://www.utvcabenclosures.com/kubota-rtv900-utv-cab-enclosures or contact us at 800.269.4380.

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Benefits of a UTV Windshield

Polaris Ranger When it comes to taking your UTV out for a spin, there’s no shortage of ways in which to make the experience more enjoyable and safe. Whether you use your UTV for work or for play, investing in the right accessories can make a huge impact on when and where you’re able to use the machine, not to mention on the comfort of both yourself and your passengers. Remember: Every day isn’t guaranteed to be sunny and warm and not all trails are well-maintained.

That’s why we are big proponents of adding a UTV windshield to your arsenal of accessories. Side-by-side windshields provide you with immense utility at a manageable price point and don’t interfere with your ability to enjoy the open-air design of your UTV when the mood strikes.

Here are a few benefits to using a UTV windshield:

Safety Concerns
As you travel across trails or through your property, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter flying debris. This can come in the form of bugs, falling leaves, rocks or even dust and dirt kicked up by other drivers and riders. A windshield will deflect this type of debris to keep your eyes safe and your vision clear.

Greater Flexibility
Your UTV is only as flexible as its accessories and the default design is built for fair-weather travel. While a side-by-side windshield doesn’t provide you with the same level of environmental protection as a full enclosure, it can still help mitigate rain, mud, snow, and other less than favorable weather conditions. This allows you to take advantage of your UTV in a variety of circumstances.

Picking the right accessories can go a long way toward increasing your enjoyment of your UTV and we have all the needed accessories for your ride! For more information please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com or contact 800.269.4380

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UTV Accessories Add Safety as Well as Utility

thumbnail At UTV Cab Enclosures, we provide a wide range of UTV accessories for a broad spectrum of side-by-sides. Simply put, the right accessories can make your UTV experience more enjoyable – think, for example, of the difference between traveling through snow in a stock UTV vs. traveling through the snow in a UTV equipped with a full cab enclosure.

There’s no doubt that UTV accessories add flexibility and utility to your ride. With the right accessories, you’re free to work and play through even the toughest of conditions and the most harsh of seasons. However, it’s important to remember that UTV accessories can also provide a dramatic increase in the safety of your vehicle.

Weather and Debris
A UTV windshield or cab enclosure does more than keep you dry in rainy conditions, they also help improve visibility and protect you from debris kicked up on the trail. If you’re following another UTV, rocks, sticks, and other projectiles whipped up by spinning tires can pose a serious safety hazard – one that’s mitigated by a solid polycarbonate windshield. In rain and other low visibility situations, an enclosure can give you the eye protection you need to see clearly.

Passengers and Children
Most side-by-sides feature an open design which makes them great for cruising a trail or traveling from one work site to the next. However, this open design can pose a safety risk to small children and other passengers not used to the bumps of UTV trail-riding. Doors and enclosures do more than keep the environment out; they also help to keep your passengers in and safe.

Comfort and Endurance
Working for long periods of time in harsh conditions can pose a serious health risk, not to mention beat you down and wear you out. A UTV equipped with an enclosure and a heater can help you stay in prime working condition and prevent problems like frostbite, sunburns, and other exposure-related ailments.

For more information about our UTV accessories please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com or contact us at 800.269.4380 with any questions.

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Arctic Cat Prowler Cab Enclosures and More

Arctic Cat The Arctic Cat Prowler is a versatile side-by-side designed to survive even the toughest of conditions. Whether you’re riding in the recreation-driven Prowler or utility-minded Prowler HDX, you’ll find the horsepower and flexibility you need to get the job done. Prowler UTVs are designed with a 2/4WD +electric front differential lock that lets you adjust with the flip of a switch, adjusting power to the wheels for maximum traction no matter the trail conditions.

And while an Arctic Cat Prowler can give you most of what you need to handle the tough tasks, it’s always a good idea to consider augmenting your ride with a high-quality Arctic Cat Prowler cab enclosure and other accessories. UTVs like the Prowler are designed for fair-weather conditions – if you find yourself working and playing in the rain, sleet, snow, or hail, you’re going to want a few tools for keeping yourself protected from the elements.

A cab enclosure is a simple enough accessory that covers the UTV and helps to keep out the wind, cold, and other negative weather conditions. A full cab enclosure for the Arctic Cat Prowler includes doors, a rear window, top canopy, and a polycarbonate hard windshield. With all of these elements in place, riding in an Arctic Cat Prowler is a lot more like riding in a car than a UTV.

Cab enclosures provide more than comfort, however. For drivers with small children or those who need to work in tough conditions often, an Arctic Cat Prowler cab enclosure is an excellent safety accessory. The enclosure helps keeps passengers safe in the UTV while driving, and protects the driver from debris, dust, and other on-trail elements that might make navigation difficult or dangerous.

All things considered, it’s hard to beat a cab enclosure when it comes to versatility and functionality. With an enclosure installed on your Arctic Cat Prowler, you’ll have a better, more comfortable, and safer ride. For more information please visit www.utvcabenclosures.comor contact us at 800.269.4380 with any questions.

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Kubota RTV Accessories

Kubota RTV Kubota’s RTV series of utility vehicles is among the top-of-the-line when it comes to performance, reliability, and value. The machines stand up to the toughest of environments, can take years of handling, and offer a wide range of functionality from model to model. The RTV1100, for example, is the first UTV in the industry to offer air-conditioning as a standard feature.

Depending on how you use your UTV, you may find that picking up some Kubota RTV accessories makes it easier for you to do your job when the weather turns rough. At UTV Cab Enclosures, we stock an incredible selection of add-ons for the Kubota RTV series, including doors, enclosures, windshields, mirrors, and more.

What benefits do Kubota RTV accessories provide?

UTVs by default aren’t made with tough weather in mind. Rain, sleet, hail, and snow can make riding in a UTV an uncomfortable experience. If you’ve picked up UTV accessories such as a windshield, set of doors, and heater, however, you can use your UTV in a wider variety of circumstances. You will no longer be limited to riding on pleasant days.

If you rely on your UTV for work, chances are good you don’t get to skip days with poor conditions. Investing in a few UTV accessories can help turn even the worst day into a more comfortable affair, keeping you warm and dry even as the weather gets ugly. An enclosure is a must for all-seasons.

If you regularly ride with kids or pets, some UTV accessories can make the ride a little safer for everyone. Doors and enclosures make it easier to prevent accidents, and windshields make it easier to see and navigate should the weather take a turn. Safety should always be your first thought when driving you Kubota RTV.

UTV accessories can help to turn your UTV into a fully functional part of your workforce. For more information about our UTV accessories please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com or contact us at 800.269.4380.

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Polaris Ranger Accessories Make Great Gifts!

Polaris RangerThe holiday season is officially upon us, with millions of shoppers surging into retail stores across the nation looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family. If you’re having trouble deciding on a creative, unique, and useful gift for that special person in your life, consider stuffing their stocking (or garage) with some new Polaris Ranger accessories !

Accessories for side-by-sides make excellent gifts. They’re functional, of course, which means they will be put to good use by the ones who will use them. At UTV Cab Enclosures, we have a wide selection of accessories including Polaris Ranger doors, Polaris Ranger cab enclosures, Polaris Ranger windshields, and even Polaris Ranger in-cab heaters. Whatever the needs of your gift recipient, we’ve got an accessory to fulfill them.

Cab enclosures and doors make your Polaris Ranger safer and more comfortable — the next time your friend or family member faces harsh weather in their UTV, they’ll be thankful for the gift you’ve given them. After all, it’s hard not to be thankful for a warming heater on blustery winter days or for a solid cab enclosure when the rain is pouring down. The right Polaris Ranger accessories can turn a long day of awful weather into a far more enjoyable experience.

If you’re not sure what model of Polaris Ranger your recipient owns, consider picking up one of our gift cards! A gift card will give your recipient free reign to choose the Polaris Ranger accessories that they need. Not to mention that our gift cards never expire!

At UTV Cab Enclosures, we’re happy to offer accessories for industry-leading brands. It’s our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers on every order we serve. We hope you, your friends, and your family have a wonderful holiday season, and we thank you for shopping with us. For more information about our products please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com or contact us at 800.269.4380.

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John Deere Cab Enclosure

John-Deere There’s no bigger name in the world of UTVs and tractors than John Deere. Founded 175 years ago, John Deere products have long been the industry standard for hardworking and hard-playing families across the globe. John Deere’s promise has always been to stay inextricably linked to those individuals who live and work on the land – whether it is farmers, ranchers, builders, or landowners. That’s why the John Deere Gator UTV is known as one of the most reliable and intelligently designed UTVs ever created.

The John Deere Gator is a tough UTV. It utilizes a 4-cycle gas, electronic fuel injection engine (or diesel, depending on the model), and is capable of generating up to 50 horsepower. However, the stock gator doesn’t provide much in the way of cold weather protection. John Deere’s UTVs, like most other UTVs, are built with open-air design that generally works best when the weather is nice, dust conditions are mild, and you’re not facing torrents of rain or snow.

With a UTV cab enclosure, however, you can be safe from the external elements. A John Deere cab enclosure , designed specifically to fit your John Deere UTV, can help keep you warm and dry even when conditions outside are not in your favor. If you use an enclosure in combination with a heater, you can work through the winter months without enduring any harsh weather. A cab enclosure will be able to protect you from the wind, rain, and snow.

When it comes to UTV accessories, there are plenty of products on the market that will help make your John Deere UTV safer and more comfortable. Doors, windshields, heaters, cooling units, cab enclosures, and other accessories are designed to give you more use for your UTV and expand the conditions under which it can be used.

If you’re hoping to use your UTV with changing seasons, then John Deere cab enclosure is the answer. For more information about our John Deere cab enclosures please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com or contact us at 800.269.4380 with any questions.

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Can-Am Commander Cab Enclosures

thumbnail.img When it comes to UTVs, there’s a reason Can-Am has the reputation it does. The Can-Am Commander is one of the most flexible, reliable, and high-quality UTV side-by-sides on the market, offering incredible power, tons of advanced features, and numerous safety enhancements. However, the Commander, just like any other UTV, isn’t necessarily built with all weather conditions in mind. In fact, the open-air design of the Commander can get quite cold when the winter months roll around.

If you’re planning to use your Can-Am Commander in rough weather conditions or need it for work rather than personal use, it’s a good idea to invest in a collection of UTV accessories that will make your experience more enjoyable. At UTV Cab Enclosures, we provide a wide range of accessories to help keep you safe and warm, even when the weather conspires against you.

For example, a Can-Am Commander cab enclosure can help protect you from inclement weather such as rain, snow, and even high temperatures. When combined with a UTV heater or air conditioner, along with side-by-side doors, a UTV cab enclosure can create almost the same level of climate control as a motor vehicle. How much more would you use your UTV if you didn’t have to wait for the right weather? Utilizing your UTV can become more comfortable and convenient with the proper accessories, which allows you to work regardless of extreme weather conditions.

Can-Am Commanders are incredible vehicles, and they’re even better when equipped with a UTV cab enclosure. If you have any questions about the right accessories for you or what benefits an enclosure can provide, please contact us at 800.269.4380 or visit www.utvcabenclosures.com for more information.

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