UTV Cab Enclosures: Side-By-Side Accessories

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Side-By-Side WindshieldsWhen you watch a television ad for a UTV or check out a listing for one on the Bush Hog or Kubota website, the picture that is painted is one of immense convenience and fun. Judging by the advertisements, a side-by-side UTV is everything you need for a good time out with the family or to get the tough jobs done.

There’s just one small problem with these ads: They often forget to mention that a UTV experience also relies heavily on having the right accessories for the right situations. Accessories such as:

One of the best UTV accessories to pick up is a windshield. Driving a UTV is a lot like driving a car — debris, bugs, and other messiness get kicked up along the way. Side-by-side windshields make your drive safer and keep you and your passengers clean.

Most UTVs don’t come with doors equipped. Side-by-side doors can help protect you from mud and other external elements, along with helping to keep you and your passengers safely inside the vehicle. Driving with the doors off is fun in perfect conditions, but perfect conditions are never a guarantee.

Visibility is critical in UTVs, and once you’ve added a few accessories you may find that mirrors can dramatically aid your ability to scan your surroundings. Just like a car, safety should always be your first priority when considering side-by-side accessories.

Nothing is better for defeating harsh weather than a full UTV cab enclosure. Enclosures keep you safe from wind, rain, snow, and anything else Mother Nature happens to throw at you. You won’t need an enclosure every time you take your UTV out, but it’s always nice to have the option should the weather take a turn.

When the time comes to grab that new UTV, don’t forget to make some room in the budget for the side-by-side accessories that will help to make it safer and more enjoyable. For more information about UTV accessories please visit www.utvcabenclosures.com.

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